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Epic Hashtag Printing Station

A unique experience that ties the digital to the physical in real-time!

A Hashtag Printing Station is the perfect way to get your guest engaged with your event or brand on social media. It lets you create event-based Instagram & Twitter hashtag printing, so guest and attendees can hashtag photos and videos on their mobile devices that can be printed and displayed in real time at your event. It’s the most organic and easiest way to promote and create a buzz for your event, company, marketing campaign, product launch, or fundraiser.

Custom Branded Prints

We work with you to perfectly design custom prints, so the keepsake your attendees walk away with includes your logo, marketing message, event or company details.

Fun & Friendly Epic Pro

An on-site friendly enthused member of our team not only to ensure your Hashtag Print Station runs smoothly, but also make sure guests are participating, having fun and finding their printed photos.

Social Media Marketing

Drive traffic, get more “Likes, Followers & Subscribers”
Guest tag their photos with your unique hashtag, post to their accounts /pages and “voila” instantly get a free print! The social outreach for your event or brand is exponential    

Unlimited Prints

Why?…Because limits suck! Let your guest go snap happy, the more they snap & post the more it will print. There’s no limit to the number of photos you can take or the number of prints you can get!

Any Event

Weddings, Corporate, Private Parties, Concerts, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Proms, Graduations, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Christening, Sweet-sixteen and much more!

H O W   I T  W O R K S 

3 Simple Steps

Your guests will  you for it.


Attendees take photos on their phones at your event,
edit with favorite filters and upload them to Instagram or Twitter.


Guests tag their photos with your
unique hashtag and post to their accounts /pages.
Instantly spread and market your event or brand!


All of your guests photos with your hashtag
are automatically printed with custom designs with your branding.


Here are features available with Epic Hashtag Print Station

Unlimited Prints

Don’t limit your guests hashtag printing fun. As long as the hashtag is unique to your event, we’ll print guests Instagram photos non-stop.

Custom Design

Graphic designers on our team will work with you to craft the perfect print design for your event that includes your logo and/or brand’s message

External Kiosk

Allow  users to email, print, text, or share their photo strips from an external touchscreen kiosk. This is great for festivals, trade shows, or conventions with high foot traffic.

Epic Events Pro

Although our setup is simple enough for your guests to use without any instructions or guidance, rest assured we will always provide a friendly enthused member of our team to ensure your event runs smoothly and is totally epic!


Put the fun in friends and family

Add another level of fun and interaction for your guest to an already existing battle of the Pros, yes make way for the “Professional Pocket Photographers” and “Selfie Pros”. They’re in charge of taking photos, editing them, and using your unique wedding hashtag. We’re in charge of making sure they love their automatic Instagram prints personalized with your wedding note. Your guest will walk away with an instant keepsake of your special day.

Corporate Events

Expand Your Social Media Network

Get people talking about your brand.
By encouraging guests to post to Instagram & Twitter using your hashtag, you are building your social media footprint. For every post with your hashtag, all of that user’s friends will see your brand and the social media outreach is exponential
. In addition guest leave with instant marketing memorabilia with your branding, product details  and message.

Any Event

Let’s make it epic!

Epic hashtag print station is great for any event you can think of; Private parties, Concerts, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Proms, Graduations, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Christening
Sweet-sixteen and much more! Guest are entertained while being interactive and creating memories. It brings with it brand recognition and event promotion while sharing your message.

Custom Branded Prints

Unforgettable keepsakes for your attendees.

In addition to guests using your unique hashtag for Social Media advertising and marketing or event awareness, the customization options for printing the Instagram photos allows you to choose the style and design of their prints, so that the physical memory your attendees walk away with includes your logo, marketing message, event or company details.


Check out these epic optional add-ons for your Hashtag Print Station booking.

Scrapbook GuestbookInstagram Flip Books + Social Media Slideshows & Walls + Upload to Facebook + Hashtag Contest + Event Wrap Up

Scrapbook Guestbook

Let’s take the guess out of guestbook!

No more guessing who signed the guestbook, now you can actually see who signed your guestbook. When attendees post and print their photos at your event or wedding with your unique hashtag, a duplicate copy is printed for your guest to place in a scrapbook style guestbook next to their personal greeting for you. This new interactive twist on an old tradition is sure to excite and encourages your guest to snap, print and sign your guestbook. Everyone knows seeing is believing.

Instagram Flip Books


Ok ,so remember those epic videos your guests just created and uploaded to Instagram with your hashtag?


These Instagram videos can also be printed and arranged as flip books. We take attendees Instagram videos and print them frame by frame to create an epic animated flip book. Guests walk away with a memory-inducing booklet they can flip through rapidly to recreate the scene that happened in the video.


Social Media Slideshows & Walls


It’s not just for printing, put it on the BIG screen!


Not only can we print photos and videos from Instagram & Twitter, but we can also display them in a customizable slideshow for an amazing live wall presentation at your event.

Our Epic Hashtag Printing Station will monitor and download all guest Instagram & Twitter photos, videos and tweets with your hashtag. The downloaded photos, videos and tweets are automatically added to the slideshow. Videos are displayed and played live in the slideshow along with everyone’s photos. The slideshow and can be displayed on  multiple monitors, HDTVS or projection setups.

Enchant you guests and give them the epic experience and instant gratification of seeing their photos and videos displayed on the big screen seconds after they are taken.

So don’t just watch it, be apart of it!

Upload to Facebook


Drive traffic, get more “Likes, Followers & Subscribers”
Epic Hashtag Printing Station can also automatically upload photos to your Facebook page in the background, giving you another way to collect all of the photos from your event and gain more

Likes & followers / subscribers” at the same time.

Hashtag Contest

Encourage more people to upload and promote your event and brand!

Having an event Hashtag Contest, you can define a winning ticket photo template that gets printed a certain percentage of the time. You can use this to offer an incentive for guest and attendees to tag their photos in order to win a prize. This certainly would bring out the pocket photo booth pros, and add an extra element of fun and surprise to your event.

Don’t Miss a Single Moment!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see everyone’s photos neatly organized in one package? At the end of the event all photos can be printed and provided on USB or CD-R media for you.



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